Redefining Network Optimization for an “Anywhere Workforce”

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Enterprises are accelerating their network optimization transformations with greater scale and speed than anticipated to adapt to a post-COVID-19 era. This TechTarget paper looks at the key role network optimization will play to support new workforce location business plans. Organizations must be able to support a hybrid office-and-home workforce strategy, with employees and contractors able to work efficiently and seamlessly from any location and at any time.


  • How to address performance-related issues, such as maximizing bandwidth, eliminating bottlenecks, and ensuring reliable applications performance
  • How to provide for a great user experience for anyone accessing data, applications and services over the enterprise network
  • How Equinix can help you identify the right network optimization solution to meet your goals and challenges in a rapidly evolving technology landscape
The unique mix of technology, services and industry expertise allows Equinix to act as a trusted advisor for organizations that need to ensure that their enterprise networks provide even greater economic and operational value under dramatically changing work conditions.
A TechTarget white paper, Redefining Network Optimization for an “Anywhere Workforce”

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