The Road to Japan’s “Cashless Vision”

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The government of Japan wants to double cashless transactions to 40% between now and 2027. While Japan is seen as a global high-tech leader, the Japanese have traditionally preferred physical money. This white paper looks at the future trends of real-time payments, regulations, and the efforts to increase consumer adoption of cashless payments in Japan. What initiatives can be adopted and what lessons can Japan learn from the rest of the world?


  • Learn about the real and perceptual hurdles of accepting electronic payments
  • Gain insights on the adoption of Open Banking-style API access in Japan
  • Discover how fintechs and the legacy holders of Japan’s financial system can collaborate to achieve this cashless vision
Markets that do not build their real-time payments platforms to be in the middle of a hybrid multicloud ecosystem will be at a competitive disadvantage that could last for several years until the next technology refresh.
“Underpinning Innovation with Real-Time Payments,” a research paper from Finextra in association with Equinix, March 2020

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