Why the Network Is Critical to Data Center Transformation

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As cloud adoption continues to accelerate, enterprises are seeking ways to transform on-premises data centers by either augmenting or replacing legacy infrastructure with cloud services such as Google Cloud. However, whether driven by the need to modernize applications, take advantage of advanced analytics and machine learning, or simply modernize infrastructure, businesses often overlook a key element when planning their digital transformation: the network connection between their on-premises locations and their cloud providers.


  • How to modernize, increase mobility and performance goals
  • How to take advantage of hyperscale cloud providers such as Google Cloud
  • What are the best ways to connect to Google Cloud—and other public and private clouds
  • How does a cohesive cloud solution from Google and Equinix that includes compute, storage and networking, help
Equinix shares a unique relationship with Google Cloud, first as its leading interconnect partner, but more broadly in a partnership that enables Google and Equinix to use each other’s products and work together to deliver a cohesive cloud solution.
Equinix white paper
“Why the Network Is Critical to Data Center Transformation,” April 2021
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