Connected Vehicle, Smart Mobility Use Cases

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To stay ahead of competitors in the connected cars and smart transportation (CVST) ecosystem, cooperation between automobile manufacturers and partner companies is essential. To innovate, a flexible IT infrastructure that enables large amounts of real time data exchange from advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) is crucial.

In this whitepaper, we explain the construction of an optimal IT infrastructure that automakers and partners should adopt to maximize the value of connected cars.


  • Trends in the connected cars market
  • CVST ecosystem at Equinix
  • Three use cases on Platform Equinix®
Automobile manufacturers can use IBX data centers from Equinix for processing digital data with low latency, security and reliability. By using it as a base for collecting and analyzing data and comparing it with daily generated ADAS data in a cloud environment in a significantly shorter time, we have created an environment that can give you an edge over your competition.
Global Interconnection Supports Innovation Across Connected Cars and Smart Transportation Industry, An Equinix White Paper

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