How interconnection can enable digital advantage for the banking industry—part 2

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Customers want their banks to provide instant access to information and seamless connections so that they can better manage their finances. This e-book focuses on specific applications of interconnection in retail banking and how interconnection is playing a crucial role in the four key areas of driving innovation, differentiating the customer experience, enhancing data security and compliance, and improving sustainability.


  • How interconnection facilitates innovative applications for retail banking
  • How can a flexible and dynamic IT infrastructure advance digital capabilities
  • How can banks improve quality, security, data visibility and compliance
  • Why Equinix is the ideal partner to enable your digital transformation
As the volume of data grows, banks must protect against the growing threat of data breaches. As banks become more digital and the volume of data grows, this increases their exposure to cyberattacks. Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers serve as the interconnection hubs that allow secure and scalable data exchange.
Equinix e-book, January 2021

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