Insurance Industry Ecosystem is Ready for Digital Disruption

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The insurance industry is facing innovative digital businesses that are entering the market with new offerings and an ever-increasing and hard to keep-up-with customer demand. Insurers need a plan if they wish to thrive in the digital era. This e-book highlights ways in which the industry can build a digital business continuity plan in the face of unpredictable events.


  • Obstacles facing insurers working toward a digital future
  • Latest technology that is changing the insurance industry
  • Insure tech services with Interconnection Oriented Architecture®
  • Key trends guiding insurance leaders and decision makers
Given the capabilities of new technology, it is now possible for insurers to participate in loss prevention or risk management, alongside their traditional role as payers of claims…This paradigm shift also calls for a different insurer to Insurtech provider relationship—one that enables strategic change.
-“The Insurance Industry on the Cusp of Digital Disruption,” Equinix E-Book, October 2020

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