Finextra Research - Securing the API ecosystem

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The use of APIs and the accompanying security of connections is crucially important for banking industries to retain oversight over the web of services and operations and to keep them secure. Any ecosystem can be subject to sudden surges or lapses when working with digital infrastructure. APIs help with the elasticity required for keeping multiple connections in multiple locations running in real time, securely while scaling network capacity.

This research paper by Finextra, in association with Equinix, will explore the state of adoption of APIs in the financial ecosystem.


  • How to protect and nurture a growing financial ecosystem to deliver world-class service
  • What technology and API infrastructure can facilitate a future-proof strategy
  • Navigating global real-time schemes and cross-border compliance
Cloud and multi-cloud arrangements can facilitate this kind of complex elasticity and all the component parts- fluctuating volumes of transactions, integration of real-time schemes along with fraud and security checks in real time and the value-add services that are also on the increase.
– Finextra and Equinix Research Paper

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