The digital future of mining

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Today’s modern mining ecosystem is more than just the physical connecting of roads, railways and ports. It has transformed to become a digital one, the success of which is built on the prompt collection and analysis of big data within public or private connections as well as multicloud exchanges. This new mining digital ecosystem will see a massive surge in data volumes, and mining leaders need to prioritize investing in the right network infrastructure─one that is scalable and cost-effective to handle the load.


  • The mining sector has traditionally had lower levels of digital adoption compared to other sectors
  • There is huge untapped potential for miners to leverage technology and digital ecosystems to build a more productive and digitally enabled future
  • Although many mining companies have already mapped out a clear digital strategy, few have adopted the IT changes needed to deliver on that strategy
  • Mining and resource companies need the right infrastructure capacity, setup and connectivity to support quick, secure and cost-efficient processing of large volumes of data
  • Their IT infrastructure needs to be built on a globally distributed interconnection platform to allow the integration of digital technologies
Accelerating digital adoption now is critical for resources industries to thrive in the new normal.
- Equinix “The Digital Future of Mining” e-book

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