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Companies such as Equinix will differentiate their business and prove value through their success in implementing greener technologies and improving the efficient use of resources. Equinix is in a good position to lead by example. Its investments in new technologies to accelerate the shift to cleaner energy, as well as innovation in technology to reduce overall energy consumption, will drive positive change across the broader datacenter ecosystem.

– Jennifer Cooke and Marta Muñoz Méndez-Villamil, IDC Analysts, “IDC Corporate Responsibility Profile: Equinix's Sustainability Progress”


IDC - Equinix's Sustainability Progress—IT Provider Corporate Responsibility Profile

Data centers are heavy consumers of power resources and therefore must be mindful about sustainability, climate change and responsible energy usage. Large data center providers like Equinix are in a key position to drive positive change inside and outside the industry. In this vendor profile, IDC examines the sustainability strategy of Equinix to reduce the carbon footprint of digital business by building and operating highly efficient facilities, powered by renewable energy that contribute to more sustainable operations.


Equinix has 165 sites powered 100% with renewable energy
Out of its total worldwide energy usage of 5,740GWh in 2019, 92% was from renewable sources
Equinix is investing in new technologies, embracing new ways of operating datacenter facilities, and using its global footprint to extend sustainable datacenter best practices across the globe
In 2020, the company created an Energy Efficiency Center of Excellence to coordinate performance upgrades to existing facilities and create more sustainable facilities

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