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By 2022, the levels of collaboration and exchange of data inside and outside [Latin American] organizations, and directly between companies, will reach unprecedented levels.

Enrique Phun, Software & Cloud Senior Analyst, IDC Latin America


IDC - Interconnectivity Boosts Innovation in LATAM Digital Economy

Did you know that by 2022, 75% of organizations in Latin America will be building natively digital IT environments in order to remain competitive globally? An IDC analyst report, Interconnectivity, Essential to Compete in the Digital Economy, examines the trends in Latin America that are helping direct connectivity between companies and boosting innovation. Meeting the demands of customers, suppliers and business partners via interconnection is a complex task. Gain the knowledge needed to remain competitive in your region (and globally) by learning the trends highlighted in the report.


The growth of multicloud environments and third platform use in Latin America
The three constants companies must focus on when modernizing their IT
Expectations IT strategists must identify in their companies and ecosystems

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