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IDC - Future of in-City Mobility – Unbundling the Urban Ecosystem

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This IDC report, sponsored by Equinix, looks at the state of in-city mobility today and how the mobility ecosystem must explore digital use cases that deliver value and support innovation. To realize the value of in-city mobility data, the ecosystems will develop in two main areas─smart, multimodal services, for convenient, affordable, safe in-city mobility experiences, and intelligent transportation planning and management, for financially and environmentally sustainable in-city mobility services. To manage this and to generate a virtuous vortex of insights-based internal and external actions, there is a need for a hyperconnected intelligent digital platform.


  • The use cases and emerging technologies that will support innovative and sustainable in-city mobility services
  • A distributed and edge-deployed platform can drive intelligent behavior and actions, linking human and machine-derived knowledge from various sources to drive optimum system behavior and business outcomes
  • A multinational ride-hailing company used real-time data flows to fueling in-city mobility
  • IDC’s “3P” approach, covering people, platform and power of sight 
By 2025, 70% of transit authorities will leverage common data standards to integrate transportation network company services to expand availability and multimodal transportation for customers.
- IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Digital Automotive and Transportation Strategies 2021 Predictions

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