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IDC - Future of Logistics – Redefining Asset Movement

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This IDC report, sponsored by Equinix, looks at the state of logistics industry landscape today. The logistics service providers (LSPs) ecosystem must explore digital use cases that deliver value and allow for monetization of data. The report analyzes the role of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality (AI/VR), Blockchain and 5G, and how edge is the platform to close the gap between IoT and cloud. A solid and agile infrastructure backbone and a hyperconnected, intelligent digital platform can transform data into new revenues and added value. IDC also provides a 3Ps strategy – people, platform and power of sight – to foster data monetization in the logistics industry.


  • The use cases and emerging technologies that will help monetize data within the logistics industry
  • Data sharing across the ecosystem is key for logistics companies to deliver personalized customer experiences and execute collaborative operations leveraging partners
  • A dynamic logistics ecosystem in action as adopted by a market leader
  • A (hyper)connected, intelligent digital platform provides a solid and agile infrastructure backbone to enable consumable micro-services
  • The role of edge-deployed distributed intelligence services for data monetization and value creation
The improved interconnection of FIEGE Group’s international units and the high scalability afforded to the application of innovative technologies are the greatest advantages of the new IT infrastructure.
Gerrit Prueter
Head of IT Operations, FIEGE Group

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