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IDC - A “Cloud-First” Approach for a value—driven digital transformation strategy

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Though the COVID-19 pandemic decreased revenue for Spanish organizations, there seems to be an agreement that technology is part of the solution to the challenges presented by this crisis. For this reason, most Spanish organizations (64%), will maintain or increase their IT investment. However, the priorities in IT investments respond to the challenges of the crisis, according to this IDC report.

In the first phase, organizations focus on investments that respond to the challenges of the crisis.

In the second phase, organizations adapt to it and address matters that were revealed as a weakness during the crisis.

In the third phase, acceleration, organizations look to invest in projects that capture market share and will prioritize investments in technology.


  • Impact of COVID-19 on digital transformation in Spain
  • Cloud as a key pillar of all DX initiatives
  • Challenges facing cloud-adoption in Spain
  • The role of data center service providers to accelerate edge IT & DX
The COVID-19 pandemic has also shown that it is the right time to take advantage of hybrid cloud, as it will become the norm in the future by combining the advantages of the public cloud with on-premise, allowing for greater flexibility and security
- Ignacio Cobisa, Senior Research Analyst, IDC Spain, February 2021

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