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At Equinix, we have established a channel partner program that brings together the services and expertise of various service providers, resellers, and cloud providers to deliver customized solutions to customers.

- Jens-Peter Feidner, Managing Director, Equinix Germany


IDC - Cloud in Germany 2020

This IDC paper contains five recommendations for efficient cloud use for businesses. These recommendations are intended to give you ideas and insights for using the cloud efficiently. Learn how to find the appropriate workloads and properly implement the use of hybrid cloud and multicloud. If implemented correctly, a hybrid, multicloud strategy can generate real business value.


Cloud implementation can solve your challenges of compliance, security, efficiency, scalability, agility and customer satisfaction.
The cloud is available for almost all workloads and supports business and IT in almost all areas.
Companies benefit from the cloud in both process optimization and innovation.
In addition to internal IT resources and public cloud services, external offerings such as colocation resources and hosting services are always included in a holistic view.
Colocation resources are no longer limited to the core components space, power and network, but have been expanded to include platforms for the operation of hybrid infrastructures and the use of multi clouds.
59% of the 200 companies surveyed use or plan to use colocation resources.

* This paper is only available in German

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