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Gartner - Infrastructure is Everywhere

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According to Gartner, the role of I&O in the future will be to manage the global infrastructure and its associated services, moving away from only hardware and software. The end result will be an environment focused on enabling the rapid deployment of business services and deploying workloads to the right locations.


  • Integration and connectivity mean colocation and/or cloud partner ecosystems will be critical for future infrastructures
  • All workloads are not equal - proper placement is key to unlocking their true potential
  • Infrastructures are dynamic and must be able to change quickly, as markets and providers change
  • Edge and IoT deployments are stretching infrastructures, shifting priorities and adding complexity
For those that are using or considering colocation, exploiting the interconnection services the provider has available, or is developing, might be a viable option. Data center interconnection is a model in which discrete assets within a multitenant data center are connected to each other directly (usually over fiber) and in a peer-to-peer fashion.
Gartner, Infrastructure Is Everywhere: The Evolution of Data Centers, 18 July 2019, Bob Gill & David Cappuccio

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