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While adoption of public cloud services is nearly ubiquitous, the breadth of usage of these services is also increasing at an accelerated pace. Indeed, over the next two years, a 45% increase in the number of organizations running more than 30% of their production applications on public cloud infrastructure is expected.

— ESG Hybrid Cloud Trends E-Book


ESG - Hybrid Cloud Trends and Strategies E-Book

There has been significant growth in commitment to a hybrid cloud strategy as companies are accepting that cloud isn’t an either/or choice. This report from the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) looks at how enterprises are approaching hybrid cloud initiatives and analyzes how these businesses are balancing on-premises and off-premises workloads, as well as the automation, compatibility and management requirements for such deployments.


The number of organizations committed to or interested in a hybrid cloud strategy has increased from 81% to 93% since 2017
89% of organizations still expect to have a meaningful on-premises footprint in three years
Organizations desire management and security spanning on-premises and public cloud resources

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