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CSPs must introduce the direct cloud connections service early, even if cloud providers are not in their markets and demand for cloud connectivity is still low. The aim is to support early cloud adopters, and get a head start in the market, so as to be well-positioned for growth when the market opens up.

— To Chee Eng and Gaspar Valdivia, Gartner Analysts


Gartner - Market Trends—CSPs Must Accelerate Direct Connections to Cloud

With adoption of cloud services gaining momentum, product leaders of communications technology service providers must accelerate deployment of direct network connections to cloud providers to improve application performance for customers and protect network service revenues.


Prioritize investments to maximize market capture by establishing direct cloud connections to the hyperscale cloud providers
Enhance the direct cloud connection service with other on-demand services
Shorten the time to market by partnering with competing providers, including both global CSPs for extended geographic reach and alternative providers with innovative solutions

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