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Frost & Sullivan

The pre-integration of Network Edge with Equinix Fabric™ will drive demand for bandwidth, as related network functions can be deployed quickly via the network connectivity. NSPs connected to the Equinix Fabric™ were able to extend connectivity to their customers with great speed and efficiency during the COVID-19 pandemic.

- A Frost & Sullivan white paper, sponsored by Equinix, “Equinix Network Edge: Laying the Path to Agile, Multicloud Networking”, December 2020

Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan - Equinix Network Edge—Laying the Path to Agile, Multicloud Networking

Network Edge services from Equinix put virtual network services in the middle mile, proximate to businesses’ digital partners—cloud providers, internet service providers (ISPs), NSPs, content providers and enterprises.

In this report, Frost & Sullivan presents an analysis of the business value of virtual network services, an overview of Equinix’s Network Edge services, and its significance to enterprises.


Why should businesses care about Network Edge and NFV
What is the significance of Network Edge to other stakeholders, network and cloud services providers
How does network optimization support mobility, big data, and IoT trends
How does it provide enhanced security features in a modular fashion

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