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451 Research—Interconnection 2020—The Future is Programmable

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Enterprises are growing accustomed to the agility and automation found in the cloud, and multi-tenant data center providers are looking to bring that level of agility to interconnection. This excerpt from 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, looks at how software-programmable interconnection (SPI) can create a fabric that connects many data centers across regions and continents. To the end user the experience is like connecting to one giant data center with interconnection services that can be spun up on demand.


  • Enterprise IT is now distributed outward to public and private clouds and SaaS services, colocation and interconnection becoming the hub
  • SPI uses SDN or similar technology to remove friction from cross-connects and provides a more cloudlike experience
  • SDN-driven access is already being used by some data centers and service providers to create public cloud connectivity
Within the multi-tenant datacenter (MTDC) community, the buzz around colocation has morphed into excitement about interconnection. Of course, colocation is still important – connectivity requires having something to connect – but the rise of public clouds, hybrid clouds and SaaS services has put a new spotlight on networking, and therefore on interconnection.
Craig Matsumoto
Senior Analyst, 451 Research (part of S&P Global Market Intelligence)

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