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451 Research — Equinix plans to develop an Open Compute ecosystem inside its data centers

Equinix joined the Open Compute Project (OCP) with hyperscale providers to share data center infrastructure architectures designed to cooperatively maximize innovation around open compute platforms. Equinix is working with original design manufacturers (ODMs), like Flex, to create opportunities for enterprises to gain the same benefits from OCP-based infrastructures by making infrastructure solutions available and providing data center space to deploy it. This 451 Research report provides an overview of the Equinix OCP strategy and the analysts' opinions on its significance.


  • Equinix (and others) believe that hyperscalers’ innovations in the open source community are going to define the future of data center infrastructure
  • In a strategic move to educate enterprise operators and to help provide a catalyst for adoption, Equinix will designate OCP white space as a test lab
  • Equinix plans to significantly broaden its support of the Open Compute Project with a range of long-term initiatives

Within Equinix IBX data centers, open architectures promise to enable Equinix to offer its customers massive capacity and very low latency interconnections, while maintaining control and keeping down costs.

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