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451 Research - Equinix Looks to Shake up Asia’s Enterprise Market with Equinix Fabric™ and IBX®

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See how Equinix is looking to capitalize on multicloud/hybrid cloud deployments in the region by positioning Equinix Fabric™ as a one-stop onramp to multiple cloud providers. It plans to expand in the region’s existing 12 metros as well as to extend the Equinix Fabric™ footprint, adding a new metro location in South Korea.


  • Equinix is a partner for deploying digital-ready infrastructure with Equinix Fabric™.
  • Equinix Fabric™ provides key features such as on-demand, one-to-many and self-service, enabling customers to reach new markets and create their own ecosystem.
  • Equinix sees a broader use of Equinix Fabric™ for hybrid/multi-cloud deployments and regulatory requirements like data sovereignty compliance in Asia-Pacific.
Positioning Equinix Fabric as an easy onramp to cloud providers resonates well with transforming enterprises and service providers looking to benefit from the hybrid/multi-cloud phenomenon.
Agatha Poon

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