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The digital economy is requiring companies to rethink how and where they store their data. Huge volumes of information must be made immediately accessible to employees, customers and partners around the world and new hybrid cloud infrastructures that combine public cloud and private storage benefits are now possible. This can’t be done from a single corporate data center.

Efficient, Flexible, and Cost-Effective Storage Solutions

NetApp and Equinix have made it possible to create highly reliable, high performance, cost-effective storage for distributed business applications, cloud and virtualized environments. NetApp's efficient, flexible and cost-effective storage solutions ensure availability and improve business responsiveness.


By deploying NetApp products in Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX®) data centers, you can place massive amounts of content and applications closer to your end users to ensure an optimal user experience. And with NetApp as part of your Equinix deployment, you can locate reliable, scalable storage right next to your cloud service provider—enabling cost-effective hybrid solutions that provide all the cost and agility benefits of public cloud combined with the availability, security and compliance of your data on private enterprise storage.



  • Utilize the industry’s most powerful, affordable and flexible storage solutions for distributed enterprise environments.
  • Locate secure, scalable storage close to employees, customers and partners in Equinix IBX data centers, located in 44 strategic markets across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific.
  • Enhance your hybrid cloud and virtualized environments with secure, scalable storage close to your cloud service provider partners.
  • Combine NetApp storage solutions with other Equinix technology partner solutions to evolve your next-generation IT infrastructure.

Enhanced Services for Platform Equinix Customers

NetApp is working with other Equinix technology partners to make it possible for Platform Equinix customers to capture new revenue streams, deploy new services and optimize end user experience. Enterprises can augment private data center resources by accessing Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud with sub-5 millisecond response times for more cost effective disaster recovery, big data analytics, dev/test, backup, cloudburst, data center migration and consolidation.