Enable Digital Transformation to Meet Mission Needs

Today’s government information security and exchange between agencies requires new capabilities and scale. Digital transformation is the path to those capabilities, and optimization is needed to support new and existing agency missions.

Explore the Federal Government Playbook

This playbook outlines how government agencies can place new command and control capabilities at the digital edge, where citizens, employees and partners and digital ecosystems like clouds, mobile, social networks, and B2B partners meet.

Architect your Solution with the Blueprint

Visit IOAKB.com to download the U.S. Federal Government blueprint and re-architect infrastructure for information exchange, user performance and security demands at the digital edge.

Interconnected Government Whitepaper

Learn how an interconnected architecture can support government agencies to meet their Cloud-First policy and leverage the potential of the cloud.

Equinix Government

See how interconnected ecosystems eliminate roadblocks and reduce costs on the path to digital transformation for government agencies.

Work with an expert to build your edge

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