Silicon Valley Data Centers

Why Choose Silicon Valley Data Centers?

The Silicon Valley International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers enable over 670+ companies to be part of a rich ecosystem of content, social media, high-tech companies, and services providers that drive and accelerate the digital economy. The Silicon Valley region has the largest retail colocation footprint and densest interconnectivity, with many mature business ecosystems to match customers with the right business partners.

Certifications and Standards

Our data centers are certified to meet rigorous environmental and energy management standards.

Visit our Certifications page for a list of data-center-specific certifications.

Worldwide network interconnection with Platform Equinix®

Extensive Global Reach

Silicon Valley IBX data centers offer an extensive range of locations, clouds and data partners, with 180,000+ cross connects and less than 10ms latency.

Innovative Business Collaborations

Silicon Valley IBX data centers foster an environment for innovative business collaborations with direct access to top peering exchanges, cloud providers and networks over Equinix Fabric™.

Dynamic Communication Services

Silicon Valley is a marketplace for communications services and new companies pioneering next generation technologies.

Access Vibrant Ecosystems

Connect to communities within Equinix that accelerate and amplify internal value creation for your business, including financial enterprises, content and digital media services, global networks and cloud service providers.

Trusted Partners