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Our Vision and History


As the world’s leading interconnection platform and the most powerful Internet infrastructure system in the world, Equinix has a monumental past, unique culture and an exciting future.

From the start, we saw our data centers as places where the fragmented elements of the early Internet and the companies that forged those elements came together to achieve their greatest business ambitions. Today, Equinix interconnects the world, sparking new opportunities that are only possible when companies come together. And we are equally committed to the connections we make. We strive to be respectful stewards of the environment, to invest in our communities, and to improve the places where we live and work, as well as the places touched by the technology we enable.

Our Vision


Culture and Values

We’ve become a trusted platform because we’re dedicated to integrity, neutrality and innovation. Our company culture is built upon these same principles.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Equinix is committed to being a responsible global company. We work hard to ensure our people, communities, industry and planet are left better interconnected, supported and enriched because we were here.

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History of Equinix


Our Logo and Tagline

Our logo, "The Fortress," symbolizes a stronghold where assets are both guarded and interconnected. Our tagline, "Where opportunity connects™" represents our dedication to be the place where companies come together to realize new opportunities and accelerate their businesses.

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Our Name and Milestones

Our founders put a lot of careful thought into the Equinix name, and it still stands for what Equinix has always offered: equal access, neutrality and interconnection. Those values have fueled our success and enabled us to achieve some exciting milestones through the years.

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