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IBX Operations FAQs

We have refined our service and support processes for our customers to meet Equinix’s global standards. Here you will find information about changes in people access registration and procedures for entry and removal of equipment within our IBX data centers, new equipment delivery services for cabinets, simplifications on the registration and control of customer equipment and rules of registration or use of contingency points for customers who have acquired this service with Equinix.

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Will Equinix deliver the equipment received directly in customer cabinets? Will this service cost extra? In which cases will this apply, what will be the process, and how can I request it?

Equinix may deliver equipment directly to a customer’s cage or cabinet. In these cases, customers will need to have previously opened a Smart Hands™ ticket via the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP), stating when the equipment will arrive and in what position the equipment must be placed in the cage or cabinet. It is important to remember that this request will have a cost equivalent to the appropriate Smart Hands™ fee, which can be checked at the time of the request via the ECP.

Will there be any change in the process of registering individuals to access Equinix’s data centers?

The process will remain the same, i.e. to gain access to Equinix data centers, you must open a Work Visit request in the Equinix Customer Portal. However, it will be done in the new Equinix Customer Portal, that now has a different layout.

Will there be any change in the visitation rules for Equinix’s data centers?

There will be no changes, i.e., the access rules are still the same and visits must be requested via the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP).

Will there be any change in the equipment entry and removal procedures at Equinix’s data centers?

We will make two changes to improve the entry and exit procedure for customer-owned equipment. The first change is that the customer will not need to provide any information about the equipment, such as an invoice or certificate of ownership. The second is that It will no longer be mandatory to register your equipment in our system. It will only be necessary to indicate in the Work Visit and that there will be an equipment entry or removal at Equinix’s data centers. Both of these changes aim to streamline the movement of customer assets within the data center, but do not reduce security, since the entire environment will still be widely monitored and all access is controlled.

Will there be any change in the registration and control of customer equipment at Equinix’s data centers?

Starting in October, we will no longer register and control customer-owned equipment via radio-frequency identification (RFID). Such equipment will not, therefore, appear automatically in the equipment list when opening Smart Hands™ tickets in the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP). In these cases, the customer will be responsible for controlling their own equipment. When requesting services in the ECP or by phone, customers must provide information about their equipment, such as: cabinet location, identification number or tag, brand and model, etc..

For customers who have contracted business continuity, will there be any change in the registration or usage rules for these points?

Yes. Starting in October, we will implement some improvements to the registration process:

  • Customers will be able to create a list of up to 100 people who will have access to the business continuity contacts. This registrations can be made in the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP).
  • Access permissions will remain valid for up to 1 year.
  • Each registry will have an expiration date. When such date is near, the Master Contact will be notified by email to confirm the registry or remove it. Thus, the visitor will not only find out that their registry has expired only when at the reception desk of the data center, streamlining the process.

In addition, the use of business continuity contacts will be arranged by the Customer Success Manager (CSM), which can support you in two distinct tasks:

  • Guidance on registering or updating information of authorized persons to access the business continuity contacts acquired by Equinix;
  • Preparation of these contacts for use (whenever customers wish to use business continuity contacts acquired by Equinix, they must notify their CSM in advance).

Customers that urgently need to use business continuity contacts beyond CSM service hours may open a ticket directly in the ECP or contact the Equinix Global Service Desk - GSD via phone (+55.11.3524.4322 or 1 866.378.4649) or email (

If the customer wants to speed up the default service time for an activity, how can they request it? For what activities can they request this? Is there any additional cost? Are the default service times available for consultation?

Some products, such as Cross Connect and Smart Hands™, are qualified to advance their standard enablement delivery deadline for an additional charge. For more information on this charge, known as an Expedite Fee, and to request this service you can contact your CSM. The standard deadline for these activities will be posted in the Customer Portal, allowing customers to assess whether they would like to speed up their service.